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dumb and dumber

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Happy 2nd anniversary!

Tumblr sent me an email reminding me today this little blog turns 2! Yeey for me! I managed to keep it running 2 years even though for a while I haven’t been so active here but I’m not giving up on it. This is my kpop heaven and it only brings me joy to come here and reblog all my favs’ pictures and gifs. So happy birthday to my baby blog and may many more anniversaries come!



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Daesung speaks about his dissapointment and Seunghyun’s body

Daesung: My biggest dissapointment is that I never got to see what’s under Seunghyun hyung’s shirt…

T.O.P: Skin and two nipples. What the hell is wrong with you? You have the same!

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Himnae Leader Bin ;~; To us you will always be the Greatest Gatsby

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bobby is the new definition of fine ♥‿♥

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bobby’s memboong after heard hanbin failed

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